JHQ Co-Founder Story

Justice HQ founders, Robert Simon, Brad Simon, and Teresa DiepAfter ten years of growing the Simon Law Group, a successful personal injury practice, Robert and Brad Simon, along with their Director of Marketing, Teresa Diep, realized the legal industry was in desperate need of a change.

Robert Simon, beyond being a top-notch trial attorney, is incredibly passionate about the education and mentorship of a new breed of lawyer. Always focusing on combined efforts and pushing community over competition, Robert has made a name for himself as being the go-to attorney to ask for personal and professional advice – from law students to seasoned attorneys.

As Robert honed his skills as a trial attorney, Brad Simon focused his energy on quickly growing and scaling the firm. This is largely in part due to his dedication to understanding the newest in the legal-tech world. For Brad, you have to be unafraid of using the tools available to you. Brad has always been ahead of the curve and has perfected the business-side of running a successful law firm.

Also behind the success of that law firm? A person who truly understands marketing and advertising for today’s modern attorney. Teresa Diep was instrumental in the branding of the Simon Law Group and helped show the world what it means to be a part of the Justice Team. Now leading a team of her own via Outlier Creative Agency, Teresa continues to break barriers and reshape the public perception of what being an attorney is all about.

Together – Robert Simon, Brad Simon, and Teresa Diep laid the groundwork for Justice HQ.

Meet the Team

Nicole Prince, Justice HQ CEO

Nicole Prince


Nicole Prince has been heavily involved with Justice HQ since its inception – from designing the spaces to managing the budgets. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with an M.S. from George Washington University School of Business and is a member of the American Institute of CPAs.

Nicole is also an entrepreneur, owning and operating her own separate design company since 2017. She manages all of this with two small children at home.

RJ Gossett, Justice HQ Director of Operations

RJ Gossett

Director of Operations

RJ Gossett joined Justice HQ after managing implementation and onboarding for a storage technology company in Austin, TX for almost eight years – helping to grow the company from a startup to an established brand. 

He is a graduate of Austin Peay State University and has an MS in Corporate Communication and Business Leadership. When it comes to understanding various systems, softwares, and integrations – RJ is Justice HQ’s go-to man.

Julie Gossett, Justice HQ Membership Director

Julie Gossett

Membership Director

Julie Gossett is a University of California, San Diego graduate with a Constitutional Law and Business background. She worked closely with non-profit organizations for over seven years as an auditor and tax preparer before switching careers to focus on what she’s really passionate about: forming relationships and building a community. Also an avid believer in giving back, Julie spends much of her free time fostering dogs through local shelters and rescue organizations.

Isabel Dann, Justice HQ Community Manager

Isabel Dann

Community Manager

Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Isabel attended the University of Texas at Austin where she studied French and Art History. Before trading Austin for Los Angeles, Isabel spent nearly six years working at various start-ups in sales and operational roles. Isabel knows all the ins and outs of a membership and is happy to chat with you if you’re looking to join our community.

Emily Claus, Justice HQ Membership Coordinator

Emily Claus

Membership Coordinator

Growing up in the Imperial Valley and now residing in Huntington Beach, Emily was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a focus in Event Management and Hospitality and has spent over eight years in various event and hospitality roles. When it comes to member satisfaction and community event planning – Emily’s experience has become invaluable. 

Amanda Maxwell, Justice HQ Media Manager

Amanda Maxwell

Media Manager

Amanda was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, and is a proud graduate of the University of Oregon. Before making the move to Southern California, Amanda previously spent the last three years up north in Sacramento working in various roles where she created digital content, honed her skills as a graphic designer, and managed multiple social media accounts for a variety of brands.

interested in becoming a member?

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