Welcoming Kristine Gallo to Justice HQ

Justice HQ, both as a community and as a company, has grown significantly since its inception. But to really take JHQ to the next level, we wanted to expand our team and include someone who knows this industry like the back of her hand.

We are beyond thrilled to formally announce that Kristine Gallo has joined the Justice HQ Team as our new Director of Membership! Prior to bringing her unique talents to Justice HQ, Kristine worked for more than 20 years in the legal field. Most recently, she was the Executive Director/Marketing for a prestigious law firm where she oversaw all aspects of the firm’s logistics, programs, strategic planning, and brand management during a period of significant growth for the firm.

As our Director of Membership, Kristine is charged with developing and enhancing programs along with creating innovative events for community engagement to benefit all JHQ members. Additionally, she is involved in the growth of our Premier Memberships and Mentorship Programs and will be spearheading JHQ’s Vendor Partner Program to magnify member resources. Given her energy and work ethic, there is no doubt that Kristine’s role will expand as she becomes familiar with the needs of our members.

Outside of work, Kristine sits on the Board of Directors for Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities, an organization which works with more than 106 partner charities on issues related to education, children, survivors of abuse, persons with disabilities and homelessness. Kristine’s involvement includes being a co-chair of the Direct Giving Committee as well as being a co-chair of the charity’s annual Golf Tournament. She is particularly proud that her dedication to the organization’s mission led her to be selected as the first non-attorney board member. In addition, she has received the organization’s Presidential Award for Outstanding Service.

And don’t worry! Julie Gossett isn’t going anywhere. Involved with Justice HQ since our initial launch, Julie was our original Director of Membership. She laid the groundwork for many of our current programs, built out the onboarding for new members, and was able to keep this community strong and connected (even during a pandemic).

In the last year, Julie’s involvement with JHQ evolved into a dual role focused on both membership and marketing activities when she launched our internal Media Team. With Kristine on board, Julie will officially transition into our new Director of Communications which will allow her to focus on the overall marketing and branding of the company while continuing to expand our internal Media Team and its offerings to our members.

Please join us in welcoming Kristine Gallo to our team and congratulating Julie on her new role within the company. Our community could not be more excited about the future of Justice HQ.

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