Reviews from Real Members.

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As I am expanding my firm, JHQ has helped me shape the way I want to run my law firm – e.g. a hybrid in-office/virtual law firm with flexible work schedules for my staff. We have already utilized the different JHQ offices to meet with clients, trial prep or simply work for a few hours. JHQ’s benefits are perfect for my firm’s needs right now.
"JHQ has catapulted my trial practice and my witness prep side hustle. Justice HQ is truly a "rising tide raises all boats," community, and in terms of referrals - I've both given and received enough referrals to more than cover my membership fees after being a member for over 2 years."
Justice HQ is an unprecedented concept in the legal community. JHQ's resources, facilities and pool of knowledge is simply extraordinary. It's a community for attorneys who care about their cases, about their clients and about justice. And I am proud to be a part of it.
"Justice HQ provides a warm, inviting environment of supportive colleagues. Members are eager to collaborate and offer valuable insight. I've met like-minded, high-achieving women through JHQ and established supportive friendships, both personally and professionally.""
JHQ gives members a ridiculous advantage. It can serve as an instant focus group, a place where you can go pick the brains of the best and the brightest. JHQ has helped me to become a better lawyer, changed the way I view the practice of law, and changed the dynamics of my practice.
Justice HQ is a dream platform for female attorneys. It offers a built in support system full of competent, knowledgeable, and accessible attorneys who want everyone to succeed.
Justice HQ member testimonial, Neyleen S. Ortiz-Beljajev
Neyleen Ortiz Beljajev
Beljajev Law Group
I've met so many great lawyers through JHQ, and hearing about their success gives me additional inspiration knowing there are so many willing to fight hard for their clients. I've also had many Justice HQ members refer me cases.
In the past 6 months, I've met so many great personal injury, employment, and civil rights attorneys who really care about their clients. I love the events to bring us together in meaningful ways. I've been given speaking opportunities to engage with colleagues I may have never met outside my practice area.
I can't say enough about the Justice HQ community and the support a membership offers. I started my firm in April of 2022, and I scaled to 7 figures within the first eight months. I owe so much of that success to Justice HQ.
“JHQ has empowered me to take on civil cases from the outset. Once I signed a couple, settled a couple, I felt more comfortable taking the next leap – trials! And JHQ has again empowered me to take that leap and try a case. I’ve been able to learn as I go, ask questions, and get invaluable tips from fellow members."
As a new solo, JHQ has been my best support system. I’ve made so many connections on Slack alone with folks I had never heard of or gotten to know in my own area. I did not imagine when I first went out on my own that most of my business would come from working with other JHQ members. Everyone here is invested in your success and rooting for you. I also love that there’s office space for me to use in other areas, which means I don’t blink about taking a trial in LA or San Diego – I know I have a space to work out of when I’m out of town.
I am a sucker for collaboration and joint success. Being able to have a community where I can learn from better attorneys and also pass along any nuggets that I may have is key for me. I think any profession will only get better if we work together rather than fighting each other and Justice HQ is a huge part of that.