JHQ Application & Review Process

Any eligible attorney is welcome to submit an interest form and apply to Justice HQ. Due to the nature of our organization and the community we aim to build, not all individuals are invited to join following the submission of their application. This does not mean that you are a bad attorney or a bad person!

Justice HQ is for those individuals looking to actively participate in the community and genuinely collaborate with and uplift their fellow members. Any number of factors may contribute to the ultimate decision of whether or not to invite an applicant to join. We’ve outlined our application and review process below.

Contact us at info@justicehq.com at any time if you have questions about the below.


The prospective applicant must first submit an interest form to speak with a Justice HQ Team member about a membership.

Our Community Manager will review your interest form responses and build a quote for you based on our membership offerings.

Following a discussion with a Justice HQ Team member, prospective applicants will be provided with a formal application to apply for a membership. Applications are due on the 15th of every month in order to be eligible to start by the 1st of the following month.

Our application is mostly a series of open-ended questions and we ask all applicants to thoughtfully respond.

Once an application is received, our Community Manager provides the information to our Membership Committee, a volunteer group of current members.

The applicant will then interview with the Committee. These “interviews” are more like conversations and they offer the applicant a chance to interact with current members. 

Once per month, we send out a list of all applicant names for community review. Current members may provide comments in support or against adding a new member to the community. Comments, whether negative or positive, are only shared with the Membership Committee and not the community at-large.

All members are asked to respect the privacy of the review process. Forwarding, screenshotting, or otherwise sending prospective member names to those outside of our community could lead to the suspension or termination of an individual’s membership.

Taking into consideration the application itself, the Committee interview notes, and any notes from the community at-large, the applicant will either be invited to join the community or they will not be invited to join at this time.

We respect the privacy of the situation and stress that outside of the Membership Committee, the general community will not be informed if someone has been invited to join or not.

interested in becoming a member?

Justice HQ is an exclusive membership for consumer advocate attorneys. If you’re interested in learning more about Justice HQ, or applying for a membership, use this form to tell us more about yourself.