frequently asked questions

Hopefully our FAQ’S below can help answer your questions. For additional questions, please contact us

I'm not a personal injury attorney, is the membership exclusive to PI lawyers?

We welcome all plaintiff attorneys. While JHQ was co-founded by those specializing in personal injury law, our membership base consists of a diverse group of attorneys covering a variety of fields. At the end of 2020, about 58% of our members listed personal injury as their primary area of practice. Other members specialize in employment law, lemon law, civil rights, mass torts, etc. Beyond areas of practice – we also have attorneys who focus on pre-lit, mid-level litigation, trials, and appeals.

I already have an office space, so I don’t think JHQ is for me. Is it?

Our HQ locations were designed to be flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. Some of our members actually maintain a separate office space in addition to their JHQ membership. Check out our locations for some examples of how members utilize our spaces.

How is JHQ different from an office lease or other co-working space?

The pandemic has shown us that the concept of a fixed, permanent, and overpriced office lease is a way of the past, and most “co-working” spaces aren’t tailored to today’s attorneys. A membership with Justice HQ includes access to a list of other benefits outside of a physical space. Click here for all of the other benefits included in a membership.

I don’t have a fixed office space, and I need somewhere to send my mail and answer my calls. How can JHQ help?

Included in your JHQ membership is a subscription to a remote mailroom which collects, opens, and scans your mail for you off-site. You can retain physical pieces of mail as needed, or opt to shred. For those members who prefer the traditional mail intake, you can have your mail sent to your Home HQ and a member of our team will safely store on-site. For those needing a phone-answering service, we partner with third-party vendors who offer discounts to members (this ranges from elite transportation services, to private investigators, to virtual assistants and phone-answering services).

I’m in law school, can I be a part of JHQ?

Right now, only plaintiff attorneys barred in California are eligible for an individual membership, but we’re always looking for other ways to involve members of the legal community at large. Reach out to for more information if you’d like to be involved in our community but aren’t currently eligible for a membership. We recommend signing up for the JHQ newsletter so you can be sure to see any announcements relevant to you.

I don't live in California, can I join?

Those who are barred in California are eligible for our individual memberships tied to a single Home HQ. Check out this tab to learn more about our HQ locations. If you live outside of California, or are not barred in California, we will soon be announcing virtual memberships. We recommend signing up for the JHQ newsletter so you can be sure to see any announcements relevant to you.

How do I become a member/what’s the application process?

All interested individuals who qualify for a membership will be provided a link to our application form. Once received, your application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee, and we will schedule an interview. This process can typically take up to two weeks (or longer, depending on the amount of applications we receive). Ready to schedule your demo and chat with a member of our team?

interested in becoming a member?

Justice HQ is an exclusive membership for consumer advocate attorneys. If you’re interested in learning more about Justice HQ, or applying for a membership, use this form to tell us more about yourself.